Who Gives a Crap Loo roll review

Who Gives A Crap – An honest review of the bamboo toilet roll.

So when I first came across this toilet paper at my friend’s house, I will admit to have been taken in by the lovely packaging as well as the whole eco element of the brand. I was excited to buy my own box of premium bamboo toilet paper and even got some money off my first order. So far so good.

A few days later a massive box arrived. ‘Oh crap’ I thought, ‘where on earth am I going to stash all these?!’. I spent the next hour hiding away what I could and sold the other half to a friend of mine! The following week I excitedly put out my first roll of bog roll. It was larger then most and quite compact. We used the paper and if I’m honest, no one in my household was particularly impressed. So instead of buying any more I went back to my usual brand and didn’t think anything more of it.

who gives a crap premium bamboo paper boxwho gives a crap premium bamboo paper box

As the weeks went by, I started having to move empty toilet rolls left lying around because we went back to using up one roll every two days. I found myself getting more and more annoyed when there were three sheets left on the roll because my kids are too lazy to change the bog roll. It got me thinking and I really started giving a crap!

I bought another huge box. This time I knew what was coming and this time only had 10 to give away to my Mum! The relief to not have to continuously be on bog roll alert is real! The fact that the actual toilet paper is a little less springy than than some other premium brands actually doesn’t matter to me anymore because it also seems to be a lot stronger then the others, and lets face it, it makes no difference to the actual experience of wiping one’s bum!

Not only this but then I received an email that states the company is helping “ensure access to clean water and proper sanitation for people all over the world” through donating a whopping 50% of it’s profits to clean water initiatives. I went on the website, genuinely interest to read more. They claim that over 1 million trees are destroyed every day just to make regular toilet paper and they even do a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. I’m sorry but this is all so good and which is why I decided not to go back to regular toilet paper.

So, all in all here are the pro’s and con’s:

First of all, it gets delivered to your door, this means no more hauling large packs of loo paper around from the supermarket.

Secondly the product itself looks nice and it lasts waaaaaay longer than the norm. This to me is genuinely a Good Thing.

Then there’s the company itself. It appears to be an ethical with all the good it’s doing to reduce deforestation and investing it’s profits back into clean water initiatives. Of course I haven’t tried the other products, this being the one made from recycled paper but for now I am more then happy with the bamboo product. All in all, what is there not to love here!!

who gives a crap look rolls in a boxwho gives a crap look rolls in a box
who gives a crap loo rolls piled upwho gives a crap loo rolls piled up
who gives a crap bamboo loo roll close upwho gives a crap bamboo loo roll close up

Why not check them out using our link and see what you think: